The Ultimate Guide – De-Stress Your Life in 6 weeks #Week 5


Here we have completed Our Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 session. Hope you’ve been following it since last few weeks. I am back with The Ultimate Guide – De-Stress Your Life in 6 weeks #Week 5.

#Week 5

1. Yoga


Sanskrit Name: Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana Yoga Pose Benefits: The seated wide angle yoga pose stretches your feet while relaxing your entire body and calming your mind.

Instructions To Perform Upavistha Konasana Yoga Pose:

    • Sitting with your legs spread wide apart, place a pillow horizontally in front of your torso.
    • Inhale, sit up as tall as possible. Exhale, begin to fold forward from the hips, walking your hands out in front of you until your upper body comes to rest on the pillow.
    • If sitting up tall or folding forward causes you to round the spine at all, take a soft bend to both knees.
    • Rest, breathing deeply on the pillow for 10 rounds of breath. Inhale to rise back up to seated.



Sanskrit Name: Salabhasana

Salabhasana Yoga Pose Benefits: The locust pose yoga stretches your arms, your shoulders and your back.

Instructions To Perform Salabhasana Yoga Pose:

    • Lie down on your stomach with a pillow supporting your hips and belly.
    • Gazing down and keeping the back of the neck long, interlace your fingers behind the small of your back.
    • Inhale, extend the arms behind you, lifting the hands towards the ceiling and pressing the tops of your toes into the mattress.
    • Exhale, try to hold that height. Inhale again, lifting the chest and head, with gaze forward and back of neck neutral. Exhale, hold this position.
    • Continue to lengthen the body and open the heart for 10 rounds of breath. On an exhalation, lower back down to the bed, releasing your hands by your side.


Sanskrit Name: Jathara Parivartanasana

Jathara Parivartanasana Yoga Pose Benefits: The supine spinal twist yoga pose releases tension from your lower back, making you feel a lot calmer.

Instructions To Perform Jathara Parivartanasana Yoga Pose:

    • Lay down on your back supported by the pillow and gently guide your knees together using your hands.
    • Bring your knees over to the left with arms out by your side, palms facing up.
    • Imagine your breath like a wave rippling through your spine, releasing tension with each exhale.
    • Stay here for a minute and then switch to the other side.
    • Each of this pose can be repeated in a set of 3 with 10 counts.

2. Exercise



Cardio kickboxing exercise is an intensive workout, which will tire you and eventually help you be fitter and sane. You can practice cardio kickboxing workout for 10 minutes a day, that should be enough.

To know the health benefits of Kickboxing training, go here!



Swimming will not just get you a toned body, but it’s super relaxing too. Especially in the summer. It’s okay if you cannot swim, you can just go for a dip, read a book while sitting on a water chair. Do all the fun things you can think of to get over stress with simple swimming exercises and workouts.

You may have heard of water aerobics, they are trending these days. Moreover, the more fun you have, the better for the de-stressing journey.

Riding A Bicycle


    • In week 5, you can increase the duration for riding a bicycle by 05 minutes, making it 30 minutes a day.

Sun Salutations


    • In week 5, you can increase the counts of sun salutations by 10, making it 50 counts a day.


Follow this #Week 5 routine and observe the change. Stay tuned for next week schedule. If you have any suggestions and opinions please let us know in the comment section below.

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