Muscle Rehabilitation

Muscle rehabilitation

Muscle rehabilitation involves restoring a muscle to its normal functioning following an injury. Typically, for muscle rehabilitation to be effective, muscle strengthening regimes should be combined with muscle flexibility exercises. Adequate care needs to be taken to protect our joints in the process.

As the muscles are designed to work together, some become dominant, some up regulate to compensate for others that become weak. Some of the most common muscle rehabilitation regimes are for the following symptoms:

    • Knee pain
    • Ankle injuries
    • Muscular cramps
    • Neck injuries
    • Lower back pain
    • Cervical spondylitis
    • Shoulder injuries

There are exercises to cover special populations like:

    • Patients with diabetes (patients with high glucose levels/ obesity and sedentary lifestyles)
    • Patients with hypertension (patients having conditions of high/ low blood pressure)

Some common treatment methods include:

    • Stretching exercises
    • Muscle strengthening
    • Acupressure

The duration for muscle rehabilitation depends on the nature of the injury.

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