Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Sudam Shelar

Here are few of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about the various fitness training services I offer. This list consists of the most commonly asked questions. However, if you have a query/question that is not listed here, you can give me a call or make use of the contact form below. I’d be happy to be of assistance.

Who Can You Train?
As a personal trainer, I can train both males and females, irrespective of their age. You can schedule an appointment for a consultation. Here, we’ll discuss your fitness goals, prior training, health restrictions (if any), among others. This will help me design a fitness training program that is tailored to suit your needs.
Are You a Qualified Personal Trainer?
Yes, I am. Apart from completing a course in Functional Training, I am also a certified personal trainer in Power Yoga, Sujok Therapy, etc. To know more about my qualifications, you can click here.
What Types of Training Do You Offer?

I am a skilled fitness trainer offering the following types of fitness training. Each training service is personalised to suit individual requirements. This ensures greater results in a short period.

What Days &Times Can I Book In? How Often Do I Have To Train In a Week?

My official business timing is from 9 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday. However, we can schedule days & timing of training based on your preference/availability. How often do you have to train in a week would depend on your fitness goals and the amount of time you can dedicate each week for training.

I Can’t Make The Same Session Each Week – Are You Flexible On Times?

Yes, I am. On prior intimation, we can schedule the training session on a different time/day. So, you don’t have to worry about making it to the training session at the same time each week.

I’ve Struggled With My Weight For a Long Time, How can you Help?

The weight loss fitness training program designed by me is tailored to suit individual needs. I don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to weight loss training. To this end, during our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your goals & objectives as well as limitation. I’ll also evaluate your general health, diet, and lifestyle, and suggest changes.

In short, I’ll not only chart a weight loss workout plan for you, but also plan a well-balanced nutritional diet that helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Why Should I Hire A Personal Trainer When I Can Do It By Myself?

As a personal fitness trainer, I can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker sans any injury. If you are training on your own, you are bound to use conventional fitness techniques that might not yield any results. I, on the other hand, can help you plan a personalized workout regime that is suited for your needs, taking into consideration your current health, diet, limitations, and lifestyle.

Also, consistency is important when trying to achieve fitness goals. If you are not training consistently, or skip sessions for a long period, you’ll be back to square one. Meaning, your time and efforts are wasted. However, as a fitness trainer, I will not only keep you motivated but also make you more accountable. This will ensure greater results in less time.


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