“Sudam is a jovial, outspoken, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy, he was one of the best trainers in terms of his temperament and understanding of clients limitations; he is more concerned about your body and pain than you yourself are . His love for Strength Training and Yoga has brought about his innate fascination on the study of human movement. His workouts are a mixture of yoga n free weights. His training principle is to “Train form & movement and Not just muscle building”. Its fun working out with him and I would strongly recommend him”.

Monil Bhala

“All i can say is he is excellent! His knowledge and understanding of the human body is superlative. I had a severe back injury Thank You! i wasn’t able to recover from for over a year, he helped me get better within a couple of months. One of the most sincere, dedicated and dependable certified fitness instructor out there.”

Mahipal Rathore

“Brilliant trainer!! Lost 18 kilos in 9 months. Understands each person’s individual physique and requirement and plans accordingly. Provides great input on diet as well.”

Ronak Vaghani

“Sudam Sir was my personal trainer, he teach me how to exercise in right posture and also advise about daily diet. Because of him I started enjoying exercise..He is the Best…. Trainer.”

Sandeep Naik

“Sudam sir is the first and the last trainer from whom i have started my fitness goals from 2012, he is someone with grear dedication towards each client, professional, great ethics and subject experties. He would not skill any of the training sessions and be there for any doubt that you would have. Someone looking for weightloss or starting to work on fitness goals or someone with injury/past medical situation, I would recommend Sudam sir.”

Omkar Tiv

“One of the best trainer in town, showed me correct form…and the best thing is no time wasting only serious workout, otherwise I have seen other trainer they teach less and talk more, because of Sudam sir I realise that a perfect trainer is necessary if you don’t know the form and doing wrong exercises by self which may cause muscle damage.”

Prasad Borkar

“Sudam Sir has the right mix of knowledge and experience. He understands your strengths and helps you overcome your weakness. His strict routine might seem daunting at first, but his motivation and guidance help you achieve your goal.”

Yash Pawaskar

“Sudam brought me back to shape. I was overweight, he even controlled my diet and asked me to eat right things. Today I am enjoying healthy food and body due to him.”

Haren Sheth

“Sudam has been a wonderful Personal Trainer. After getting trained by him, I increased my stamina and developed a regular fitness routine which I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. I am more than happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Nirav Dave

” I have been training with Sudam Sir for more than two years, and I can’t think of a moment of regret. He is one of the most knowledgeable trainers that I have ever seen. His approach is very scientific and varies from individual to individual. His training is tailor made for each individual depending on the body type. I have undertaken weight and cardio training under Sudam Sir and I must admit that he has helped me build a considerable stamina and strength without using a single supplement.
I would highly recommend Sudam Sir to any individual who wishes to get in shape! “

Abhijit More

I have been associated with Sudam sir very recently, however in a very short period of time there has been massive difference on my perspective towards overall health improvement. He comes with a unique blend of extreme knowledge in the area of body building and overall health development. His immense experience in the field is very much seen with the fact that Sir understands my body responsiveness better than me. He is more than willing to share the knowledge in his area which focusses on overall development rather than just body building, Over and above the work, Sudam brings the inbuilt quality of simplicity which helps in providing a personal touch with the clients.
Would surely recommend to work with with Sudam Sir, and the bonding he creates leads to long term association.

Punit Ashar

This is a note not just in praise for a Versatile fitness trainer but also for a person with immense knowledge on the subject of fitness training and the need of the individual whom he trains. He is one trainer I have seen who has always generated results in the perfect way in the shortest span of time..Cheers always.

Kamlaksh Shetty

Sudam is a knowledgeable trainer, very approachable, and provides lots of encouragement without being over bearing. He listens to our requirements and amends his training plan accordingly. he is an inspirational trainer, his patience, skill and understanding has helped me lose weight and set me on the road to a healthier and happier life. His enthusiasm is infectious and his training technique inspires confidence and self belief. i have actually started believing in his motto “No Pain No Gain” and am now training at a level that I would not have thought possible one year ago. I look forward to each session and each session is different to the last.

Vidhi Buch

A transition of 87 kgsto 66kgs in a 8 months is a wish that can only come true with a good gym trainer and hardwork. Sudam is himself a fitness freak.he has helped me loose my extra kgs with alot of fun and good fitness program. He is very friendly and fun to b at d gym. He isnt the one who will drag you to the gym and will handcuff you to the treadmill.motivation and fun at the workout place is all what you need fr a such a transition and sudam is the perfect trainer who WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Saahil Desai

Sudam is dedicated towards his work and his passion towards fitness is enormous. I appreciate his unbiased behavior and provides a personal touch to the trainees.
Not only has he created a personalized routine for me, but his encouragement, praise and humor create an atmosphere that motivates you to push yourself to the maximum extent possible.
He is innovative, knowledgeable, friendly very down to earth and respectful of each person’s needs – no matter their age, athleticism, or fitness level.
Joining Power House has helped get my physical fitness to the next level, and I would highly recommend anyone considering taking the next step to give them a call. Oh, did I mention that they play great music!!!”. The space is clean, the people are nice, the trainers are experienced. What more could you want?

Deepak Hemnani

It was great experience working with sudam sir as personal trainer. I lost around 15inches in 3months all thanks to his unique exercise. He also changed my diet plan which helped me in loosing weight easily. Overall it was very good and nice experience !!!!

Parth Kothari

It was great working with Sudam Sir as a Personal Trainer. He would look after the food as well as the exercises to be done. Also, He has a very good Habit of reminding of the schedule which does help a lot! Overall a great Experience for a proper Workout !

Anuj Gala

Sudam is a thorough professional with expert knowledge of his domain. He has a unique style of training which focusses on overall fitness. He understands the limitation of every individual and provides training that is best suitable for the body type.

Have been training with him for more than a year now and would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

Shailendra Dave

His Dedication to his Profession and Emphasis on the Micro-details of each and every form of any workout gives him an upper-edge. i’d give him complete credit for developing my focus in precise forms and correct regime of work-outs that i follow today.

Gaurang Gandhi

Sudam Sir is a welltrained experianced personal trainer who has helped me reduce my weight and also given me relief from backpain by carefully planning my workout and diet which helped me a lot. Sudam sir is very sincere and hardworking trainer who always keeps himself updated by upgrading his knowledge. He is a complete package for all your fitness needs. Thank u sir U ROCK

Ashish Pitale

The sheer understanding of physical workouts and stress training made my lufe much healthier and easier..The vast knowledge dat Sudam sir has and the resilience with which he works makes him a great personal trainer.. The punctuality, soft spoken attitude makes him a great mentor… Drspite of d pain, at the end of the workout, all I use to say was “sir, aaj mazaa aa gaya workout karke”

Dhruv Madia

GYMNASIUM TRAINING under your supervision Was EXCELLENT & UNFORGETTABLE.. The Exercise taught by you has given my Body a good physics which is very much essential nowadays. Once again thanks a lot for the support given and I hope to receive the same support in future also.

Mitul Shah

I met Sudam at a point in my life when my stress levels were very high due to personal issues. Sudam worked with me closely helping me understand the logic behind every workout regime. He not only works as a trainer but as a complete guide. He tries to understand ur anatomy and then works ways that best suit ur system and body type. I regained my confidence and discovered love for fitness thanks to him. Kudos to u Sudam!!!

Garima Kapoor

“it was good to get a feel of gym life as i had never frequented one before. what was still great was the fact that you were my mentor in this. not only about the gym equipment, but i got valuable tips on nutrition and diet as well. so thanks for this wonderful experience and good luck.”

Tarang Chachad

It is great experience to work-out with SUDAM , Good human being & a very good trainer. He is one of the few trainers I have experienced who knows the about human body. To learn workout (cardio-exercise & weight Training) from SUDAM is great & pleasures experience. Best wishes to sudam for his future plan.

Purushottam R. Desai

Mr Sudam is one of the most professional, honest and dedicated personal trainers I have met. He was more worried about my health than myself. Before every work out he used to motivate me by advice and counselling. Insured I did my warm up an stretches correctly and consistently monitored my performance at the gym.
After work put he used to again discuss diet plans with me, which helped me loose over 6 kgs in 3 months the healthy way


The first thing I noticed about him is, he is more concerned about your body n pain than you yourself are. He is an Yoga Master and he makes you push your limits. If you want to train with him you need to erase the word Pain n its meaning from your dictionary. His training skills are awesome n comfortable. He easily makes you workout and guides you towards your goal without us even realising it. His workouts are a mixture of yoga n free weights. Which help is muscle building the natural way. He believes in natural ability of body that’s the best part of his training. Its fun working out with him. If you want to achieved good health, calm mind n nice body. He is the man you should totally rely on.

Suyash T.

For someone who has never been a fan of exercise, thanks to you now it’s a part of my routine. You have done an excellent job of helping me work out in spite of my spondylitis. Good luck for everything!


Sudam is an excellent trainer! I’ve found him to be an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who has a true passion for his work. He truly cares about your personal well-being and is very supportive and motivating. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavours.

Uday Prabhu

I was 96 kg when i started with sudam for training and with his right guiadance and disciplne and diet control i was able to reduce my weight to 84 in six months a true mentor.

Archana Shorewala

Sudam Sir was my personal trainer for 1 year and has trained me even before that as a general trainer. My target was neither losing or gaining weight nor body building. I worked out for physical fitness, strength and endurance building and increasing flexibility. These goals were carefully understood by Sudam Sir and he trained me suitably. He focussed thoroughly on weight training, cardio and stretching exercises. He always encouraged me to push myself in every workout and kept me motivated. I always enjoyed working out with him. He is very knowledgeable in every aspect of physical fitness. I would like to thank Sudam Sir and would highly recommend to anyone.

Shantanu Date

Sudam Shelar is an absolutely fantastic trainer, but an even more fantastic person. His light-hearted attitude and a happy vibe in the morning can inspire the most lazy people to starting working out. Someone who can push you to train, and you don’t even know you’re getting pushed !

Varun Dua - CEO & Founder, Coverfox.

Sudam Sir is extremely knowledgeable, and patient yet he can also be a hard task master that gently encourages you to push your body out of its comfort zone. Each day he mixes up the routine and hence its impossible to get bored of his classes. Apart from the combination of weight training, cardio, functional training and yoga,all of which have shown considerable inch and weight loss for me, he also practices simple colour therapy that works wonders for my aches and pains. I see great results with my overall stamina and sense of well being.

Sapna Rana

We want to thank you for these past few weeks of personal training. Working out under your professional guidance was so beneficial. The goals that we set from the beginning are very attainable and we look forward to keeping your regiment going! During our time together, you encouraged us to push ourself while being keenly aware of technique at the same time. You’ve helped establish a solid foundation upon which we can build. It was truly wonderful working with you.So thank you for keeping us motivated and we look forward to continuing our sessions together.

Suresh Shah & Shruti Shah.

Sudam has a very pleasing and polite personality, with a professional fitness work culture. As a trainer I found him with a no-nonsense attitude. Whatever maybe your goal (lose weight/stay fit or build a muscular body), he sticks to the task from day one. His concurrent dietary counselling ensures rapid results. I would unflinchingly recommend Sudam as a personal trainer to all, and wish him well in his career.

Rajas Shirwaikar

I had a satisfactory experience in working out with Sudam Shelar. He is one of the efficient Personal Trainer in fitness industry in Mumbai. Along with the personal training he also guides for the muscles rehabilitation due to injury or any illness.
His master stroke is the FUNCTIONAL TRAINING I experienced during the recovery of my muscles spams in Lower Back. The stretching exercises and the Weight training exercises he prescribed to me were very effective in revival of my lower back.
So, in one line I can surly say that Sudam Sir has a Forte in FITNESS AS NOT ONLY THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH BUT ALSO A THERAPY.
All the best Sudam Sir ! Keep it up !

Sachin Joshi - Triorigin Perfection & Sujok Therapist

Sudam sir is one of the most professional, honest and dedicated personal trainers I have met. He was more worried about my health than myself. Before every work out he used to motivate me by advice and counselling. Insured I did my warm up an stretches correctly and consistently monitored my performance.
After work put he used to again discuss diet plans and well disciplined.

Manish Kumar

I have been training with sudam sir for over a year now. It has been a very good experience training with sudam sir as he has so much of knowlegde and expertise in this field,With just a single session of weight training,he could easily understand my strenght,stamina and capacity. Sudam sir has a large variety or variations of exercises,in every exercise session he manages to surprise you with some different exercise or working out technique.He has also helped me with my diet.Sudam sir is very patient honest & a gentle training guru.Training with sudam sir is a fun experience & it has helped me to stay fit.

Aniket Shirkar

A year ago, I was in desperate need of a personal trainer, who could help me get fit, keeping in mind my tendency to suffer from low BP. The few gyms and trainers I had tried were all lacking in the vision of overall health. Their solution to my low BP was to ‘have energy drinks’!!
Then I came across Sudam’s website and decided to give him a try. I was impressed with him in our first meeting, when by simply looking at me, he was able to tell me all my problem areas (and i don’t mean areas where I had to lose weight). from the low BP, to stomach trouble and leg aches, he seemed to know what ailed me.
Sudam’s strength lies in his comprehensive approach towards good health: its not just about workout or yoga or diet, it is about overall synergy and balance. he keeps the workouts interesting by mixing it up between cardio, weights, yoga, functional workouts, etc. He also brings a wealth of knowledge in terms of food, lifestyle, accupressure and color therapy. Believe me, this guy knows it all.
Though I was able to work with him for a limited period of time due to my professional commitments, he is my go-to guy for overall health.
So if you are looking to get fit and be healthy, give Sudam a call. You won’t regret it.
hope it is what you were looking for.

Nupur Ladha
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