How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy – 7 Simple Yoga Poses

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy – 7 Simple Yoga Poses

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Pregnancy is definitely a fantastic time in a woman’s life. But, though it brings along with it a lot of joy; there are hardships too. In particular, losing weight after pregnancy is often a challenge faced by most women. There are various exercises to reduce belly fat after pregnancy. One can also hire a personal fitness trainer if need be. However, among them, one method that works well for post-pregnancy weight loss, which has also proven to be quite effective, is practising yoga after delivery.

Yoga training can offer you a host of benefits. As such, if you want to learn how to reduce weight after delivery, then these after pregnancy tips that include simple yoga poses can help you reduce weight after delivery.

I] How Yoga Poses Help in Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss?

Before you start practising yoga after delivery, it is important to note that your post-partum body would largely differ from your pre-pregnancy body. Also, the recovery time from vaginal birth differs from a caesarean, so this, too, needs to be taken into consideration.

When to start yoga after delivery, would depend on your overall health; as your body undergoes a lot of strain and pain during delivery. So, wait for your gynaecologist to give you a ‘heads up,’ before you begin your workout or yoga routine again. In short, it is important to take it slow, even though you want to achieve fast results. You can also make use of this BMI Calculator
to determine how much weight you need to lose.

We are all aware of the fact that Yoga helps to reduce stress. Now, as to how yoga poses help in post-pregnancy weight loss, here are a few benefits;

    • Practising yoga after delivery helps speed up healing and recovery.
    • It helps improve posture, lowers stress levels and relieves back pain.
    • Gentle yoga poses help with after pregnancy weight loss.
    • Yoga after pregnancy can also help improve your core strength.
    • It boosts your endurance level and helps relieve stiff & strained muscles in your neck, shoulders, hips, arms and legs.

II] Simple Yoga Poses for Weight Loss After Delivery

1. Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation

A complete body workout routine, Surya Namaskar includes a lot of stretching yoga poses. It helps energize your body after delivery, relieving stiffness of joints and muscles. It has a positive impact on your physical, psychological and emotional well-being. Best part, it is a popular yoga pose that helps promote weight loss after delivery, helping you attain a well-toned body. Check out this step-by-step guide that explains in detail how to perform Surya Namaskar.

2. Vyaghrasana – The Tiger Pose

Tiger Pose

A must-do yoga pose for women after childbirth, the Tiger pose helps strengthen core muscles. It helps burn excess fat, toning your hips and thighs. It improves the digestive system, stimulates blood circulation and increases joint flexibility. Best part, it also helps tighten the muscles around the vagina. Check out this video to learn how to do Vyaghrasana.

3. Trikonasana – The Triangle Pose

The Triangle Pose

To reduce fat from around the waist and hip regions, try out this yoga pose after delivery. Trikonasana is simple to perform and opens & stretches the side of your body including the spine, hips, calves, chest and shoulders. Apart from helping you lose weight after delivery, this yoga pose also helps improve digestion. Plus, it is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Here are the steps for Trikonasana.

4. Ardha Kurmasana – Half Tortoise Pose

Half Tortoise Pose

Another gentle and comfortable yoga pose for weight loss after delivery, the Ardha Kurmasana helps tone the abdominal area, lower back and glutes. You can practice this yoga to reduce belly fat, as it helps boost metabolism. In addition, this yoga pose can also help you if you are suffering from migraine, constipation or sleep disorders. To practice this yoga pose, follow this guide.

5. Bhujangasana – The Cobra pose

The Cobra pose

One of the other excellent exercises to reduce tummy post-pregnancy, this yoga pose also helps alleviate sciatica pain. It is a relaxing yoga posture that helps reduce fatigue and stress. It also helps tone your abdomen and buttocks. Furthermore, it helps clear heart and lungs passages, improving the circulation of blood and oxygen. How to do Bhujangasana? Go here to find out!

6. Ustrasana – The Camel Pose

The Camel Pose

A little challenging exercise to reduce weight after delivery, the Camel Pose helps burn fat on the thighs and helps soothe neck, back and shoulder pain. This yoga pose also stimulates the thyroid and endocrine glands. It is also a great stress buster exercise and it helps improve your cardiovascular health & digestion. Here is a simple video that shows you how to do Ustrasana the right way!

7. Makarasana – The Crocodile Pose

Crocodile pose

The Crocodile pose completes the after pregnancy weight loss tips. This yoga pose helps to relax and rejuvenate your entire body and mind. It is also one of the easiest after delivery yoga poses that you can practice. Makarasana is great for those suffering from asthma and lung disorders. It helps relieve backaches which is a common issue post-pregnancy. Plus, it helps lower blood pressure and relieves stress. Take a look at this post to know the different variations of Makarasana.


How to lose weight after delivery is a commonly-searched question by many. You’d come across a lot of exercises for the same. However, post-pregnancy you need to be careful not to overexert your already strained body as this can cause more harm than good.

Practising yoga after delivery is a great alternative as, firstly, you can do these simple yoga poses at your home and at your own pace. These yoga poses help you to not only lose weight after pregnancy but also offer a host of other physical and psychological benefits. Thus, practice these yoga postures daily if your goal is to reduce tummy fat post-pregnancy.

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